Microsoft – Has already started making Xbox 720s

Xbox 720s logo, wallpaperIs actually Microsoft already concentrating on their following console? That is the claim created by a source speaking by using IGN. Centered on this resource, in the Austin subset with Flextronics, producer from the present Xbox 360 system, production offers begun in the next version through the Xbox 360 system, codenamed Durango simply by Ms.

Normally, the brand name new rumor songs with news in the begining with 2011 the company had currently begun employing staffers to function on ‘Next Generation System Architecture‘, however IGN’s source additionally provides other really specific information. Evidently, Flextronics began a completely fresh testing team, that these people made separate from your remaining business, dedicated in order to the unit; this particular predated production simply by many a few months. IGN speculates it all isn’t can become the last version from the actual console, however a dev package designed for game designers earlier to the brand new console’s consumer creation.

Ms, you can expect to recall, straight eliminated any fresh console only in which year’s E3, therefore it’s unlikely we will see any genuine news in this. The stab at night guess says they will save the show you with regard to E3 2013, having a holidays 2013 launch window, however obviously this may be completely away base.

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